Joe Guerriero, Producer/Director

A professional photographer for more than three decades, his work has appeared in many publications including Sports Illustrated. He has completed international documentary photography projects in Pakistan, Turkey, and Cuba. In addition to being an adjunct faculty member at a Community College, his work has been featured at several national galleries.He has completed one short film from Cuba, Santeria: Life in the Religion that was presented at Lehigh University Art Galleries in 2005 as well as at The Society for Photographic Education Conference in Philadelphia in 2010. This is his first feature documentary film.

Roberto Francesco Musco, Executive Producer/Writer

Received his graduate degree from New York University’s School of the Arts Theater Design program. In 1991, after working for many years as a technician in theater, film, and television, Mr. Musco moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he taught English as a Foreign Language. He later worked as a translator for an international business consulting company, and finally opened his own business. He returned to the U.S. in 2002, and currently teaches Spanish at the high school level in Connecticut, while working part-time as a medical interpreter with Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Drew Oberholtzer, Editor

Drew holds a masters degree from the New School in film and media studies and works as a freelance video editor, producer, and photographer in New York City.  He’s worked for National Geographic Television, The Sundance Channel, and HBO.


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